Hereafter (Short)

Taron as Tamburlaine

Directed by: Johnny Kenton
Written by: Johnny Kenton
Produced by: Riyad Barmania
Production year:
Original release: 2013
Running time: 36 minutes
Other cast: Holland Ashley Spyder, Flora Berkeley, Anna Burkholder
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Hereafter is a 40mins YA supernatural thriller web pilot starring Lydia Wilson (About Time) Anthony Head (Buffy / Merlin) and Taron Egerton (Kingsman) made on a micro budget and by award winning young film-maker Johnny Kenton. Its story follows ‘Katcher’ through a world where the internet in peoples heads is being possessed by a figure called ‘The Ghost’. We follow her as she trains to join the genetically modified secret police force, called ‘The Guardians’ and pass their brutal initiations. The stakes become raised for ‘Katcher’ as the The Ghost gets closer and she becomes more entangled in the deadly games of the state.