Tiffany / April 14, 2015  Photoshoots & Outtakes

I have added a few more outtakes from a photoshoot Taron did with Kingsman co-star Colin Firth back in the beginning of 2015. Check it out below!

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Tiffany / April 1, 2015  Photoshoots & Outtakes

I’ve added 4 additional outtakes to a photoshoot that Taron did earlier this year. You can view them all in the gallery below!


Tiffany / March 30, 2015  Taron

Watch Taron accept the Jameson Empire Award for Best Male Newcomer below!

Tiffany / March 29, 2015  Taron

The 25th Jameson Empire Awards also saw Taron Egerton scoop the Best Male Newcomer Award.

The 25-year-old Rada-trained actor impressed movie goers and critics with his performance earlier this year in spy-adventure film Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which he plays Eggsy.


Congrats Taron! You truely deserve it!

Tiffany / March 28, 2015  Testament Of Youth

A new promotional picture of Taron as Edward Brittain in Testament Of Youth has been released and has been added to the gallery. Check it out in full size below!


Tiffany / March 26, 2015  Eddie The Eagle / On Set

Over 40+ MQ pictures of Taron and co-star Hugh Jackson from the set of Eddie The Eagle from March 22nd- March 24th have been added to the gallery.

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Tiffany / March 25, 2015  Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tiffany / March 24, 2015  RADA

Back when Taron attended RADA (The Royal Acadamy of Dramatic Art), he appeared in a number of stage productions. In one of the productions, Taron played the character of Gene Gorman in the adaptation of Saturday Night. Check out HQ production stills from the performance below!

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Tiffany / March 23, 2015  Testament Of Youth

I’ve updated the gallery with additional stills, a poster and a couple of behind the scenes pictures of Taron from Testament Of Youth.

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Tiffany / March 20, 2015  Magazine Scans

I’ve finally added scans of Taron from the March issue of Aberystwyth EGO. Check them out below and make sure to purchase your copy by going to their official site!

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