Tiffany / February 9, 2015  Public Apperances

Taron is currently in New York and visited the Empire State Building as well as SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Special. Pictures from both events have been added to the gallery.

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new movie stills from Kingsman: The Secret Service have been added to the gallery.

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Tiffany / February 8, 2015  Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tiffany / February 6, 2015  Public Apperances

Taron & Kingsman co-star Colin Firth attended a photocall in Madrid, Spain on February 6th. 34 pictures have been added to the gallery & can be viewed below!

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Tiffany / February 5, 2015  Interview / Kingsman: The Secret Service


TARON Egerton and Sophie Cookson, breakout stars of Matthew (Kick Ass) Vaughn’s gentleman spy send-up, Kingsman: The Secret Service, reveal some “before and after” secrets.

Taron, you studied stage combat at RADA. Did that help prepare you for Kingsman: The Secret Service?

TE: You are talking rapier and dagger. Compared to Kingsman, it’s small fry. The expectations for this film were so high that nothing could have prepared me, really. It was a total rehaul of the way I moved and felt. But if you are playing someone who has to save the world, you do have to have a bit of muscle tone, don’t you?

How did you go about that transformation?

TE: It was difficult to begin with. Dropping the fat, putting on muscle … all of that is really hard if you haven’t done it before. It gets easier. And ultimately it’s very rewarding. But you do put yourself though a lot of pain to get yourself into that kind of shape.

What surprised you the most?

TE: Watching my body transform because it’s not something I ever imagined it could do — to completely change. Locked in a vault somewhere are some before and after photos. And they will never be seen by anyone.

Taron, the Variety critic was glowing about your performance in Kingsman, but he also described you as a compact, bulldog-like actor.

TE: With squinched up features I think it was.

I figured the review would already have been brought to your attention or I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

TE: Something like that is going to stick in your mind.


Tiffany / February 3, 2015  Interview / Kingsman: The Secret Service


Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson are the bright young talents starring in Kingsman: The Secret Service. The action-spy film sees them co-starring alongside Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson — not bad for a couple of recent drama school graduates!

FAMOUS caught up with Taron and Sophie during their visit to Sydney.

How does it feel to work with award-winning actors so early on in your careers?
Taron: It’s all down hill from here mate! [Laughs]
Sophie: How do you up from there?
Taron: I guess everyone’s now becoming aware of the film with all the promotion, but we’ve had 18 months to process it. It’s surreal. We’re actors, you know, and of course we have all of that respect and admiration for them, but ultimately there comes a point where you have to just get down to it and make some movies.

Were the cast what you expected them to be in real life and did they give you much advice?
Sophie: I didn’t really expect anything. I went in with complete open-minded because as soon as you start having any expectations of what it’s going to be like you are disappointed or it throws you off a bit. But they were just as nice as I hoped. Colin Firth is the gentleman you think he is. There was no lecturing or anything, it was all quite seamless.
Taron: Don’t fart in interviews, that kind of thing [laughs]. They were all very lovely. You expect to see the personas they present to the world, but then they also have their private personas. I guess we were able to see a little more of their private selves – everybody was as nice as I’d hoped.

Are you both thrill seekers like your characters in the film?
Sophie: Oh, no no! If you asked me to jump out of a plane, I’d pay you any amount not to. I like being physical but not like that.
Taron: I’m not like that at all. I really enjoyed the experience of doing it but when I left drama school, I did not envisage action! But it was great fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


Tiffany /   Public Apperances

The first few pictures of Taron attending the Berlin premiere of Kingsman: The Secret Service have been added to the gallery. More will be added when they become available. Enjoy the pictures!

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edit: Additional pictures have been added!

Tiffany / February 2, 2015  Interview / Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tiffany /   Public Apperances

Taron attended the Kingsman: Secret Service photocall in Rome, Italy on Feburary 2nd. 65 pictures have been added to the gallery and can be viewed below!

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Tiffany / February 1, 2015  Kingsman: The Secret Service