Tiffany / November 19, 2018  Gallery Update / Interview

Earlier today, Taron appeared on Good Morning America to talk about Robin Hood which is in theaters on November 21st! View the interview & pictures below!

Tiffany / November 18, 2018  Gallery Update / Interview / Photoshoots & Outtakes Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Taron Egerton. All superb Robin Hoods, in very different ways. Egerton, who is about to join their roll call with his gritty new Robin, in a film produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, does not wear Lincoln green, or go riding through the glen. ‘He doesn’t slap thighs,’ grins Egerton.

His Robin is more like an anti-capitalist protester, a hoodie-wearing corruption fighter with a multicultural team of Merry Men. And a kick-ass Maid Marian, of course, in Eve Hewson – who just happens to be Bono’s daughter.

‘It’s high octane and it’s fast and edgy,’ says Egerton, whose fingers are still calloused from all the arrow action. He learnt how to perform next-level archery. ‘I’d be holding up to five arrows in one hand,’ he says, adding that he’d be firing them while leaping through the air. Pretty impressive stuff.

Directed by Otto Bathurst, of Peaky Blinders fame, and filmed in Dubrovnik, this all-new Robin Hood transforms Sherwood into what Egerton describes as a ‘hotchpotch world where there are different skin colours and different voices’.

Relatable, likeable, funny, oh, and hot – Egerton, 29, carries the movie with ease. Despite having graduated from Rada on a seeming fast-track to fame, he is still finding his way out of the chrysalis, still blinking at his new-found success, surprised that designers such as Giorgio Armani want to dress him for events.

Still reeling, in fact, from meeting Mr Armani for the first time. ‘He grabbed me by the face and looked at me in the eyes for about 12 seconds,’ says Egerton. ‘Which doesn’t sound long but it was a long time. Then he just nodded. If I believed in spiritual experiences, that would be one.’


Tiffany / November 8, 2018  Gallery Update / Interview / Public Apperances

Earlier today, Taron appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote Robin Hood. The episode will be premiering on Friday on BBC One.

Tiffany / November 4, 2018  Gallery Update / Rocketman

A new set of movie stills from Robin Hood have been added to the gallery. Robin Hood will be in theaters November 21st!


Tiffany / October 21, 2018  Gallery Update / Robin Hood

Additional movie stills, promotionals and movie posters from Robin Hood have been added to the gallery.

Tiffany / October 2, 2018  Gallery Update / Robin Hood

Additional production stills and posters from Robin Hood have been added to the gallery. Robin Hood is set to be released on November 21, 2018.

Tiffany / September 22, 2018  Gallery Update / Rocketman

In the last few weeks, photos of Taron in the upcoming movie Rocketman have been released. Check out the first look of Taron as Elton John in the gallery below.


Tiffany / July 21, 2018  Billionaire Boys Club / Gallery Update

Screencaptures of Taron in Billionaires Boys Club have been added to the gallery. The movie can be purchased from Google Play or on Itunes.

Tiffany / July 6, 2018  Billionaire Boys Club / Gallery Update

The gallery has been updated with new movie posters, stills and promotionals from the movie Billionaire Boys Club.

Tiffany / June 23, 2018  Gallery Update / Public Apperances

On June 18th,  Taron attended the Giorgio Armani show during Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019. Pictures from the event have been added to the gallery.