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Flaunt Magazine Feature: Must Be The Clouds In His Eyes

Written by Tiffany on May 03 2019

Flaunt.Com – There are few players in this insubstantial pageantry we call life who touch the masses on such a grandiose and glittering scale that they can genuinely be referred to as an icon, and of those very few, only a handful channel the universal language of love. Elton John, however, is one such rare player in the theatre of the modern era—a man who in his own words “Always felt like an outsider,” but whose music has touched millions of lives on such a profound level that it often provides an emotive soundtrack to the most important landmarks on countless individual journeys to the grave. The self-styled piano player, born Reginald Dwight to working-class parentage in post-WWII London, is arguably nothing less than a bona-fide musical phenomenon—a man whose ear for melody must surely harness some intangible truth of the human experience, in that his work transcends societal differences of every imaginable kind, and is loved by people all over the world.

It’s precisely such notions that I have in mind while waiting for the young man who has taken on the mantle of playing the legendary musician in the much-anticipated biopic Rocketman— another product of the British working-class, who was catapulted to his own fame via the multi-million dollar Kingsman franchise, actor Taron Egerton. We are due to meet in West London in the shadow of the iconic BBC Television Centre, which must have played host to Elton John countless times in his career, not least on the early ’70s show Sounds For Saturday. But it seems almost trite to try to give a brief summation of the pre-eminence Elton John has achieved in a sometimes wildly hedonistic trajectory that spans some 50-plus years. Suffice to say, he has sold over 300 million records, with his writing partner Bernie Taupin, and that’s damn near the figure for the current population of The United States. It seems that whatever level of fame Egerton has become accustomed to thus far is insufficient to preparehim for what’s to come. In fact, when he suddenly appears and introduces himself with a firm handshake and smile, he couldn’t look more innocuous, sporting the kind of dressed-to-blend attire that you might not readily expect from someone dubbed by British GQ as one of the Best Dressed Welshmen of all time, but it’s crystal clear after five minutes of talking to him, that such dubious mainstream accolades are unlikely to ever go to his head.  

Gallery Update: May 2019 Vanity Fair Italia Magazine Scans & Photoshoot

Written by Tiffany on April 30 2019

Another day, another magazine cover! This time, Taron covers the May 2019 issue of Vanity Fair Italia! Scans from the issue as well as the photoshoot have been added to the gallery!

Gallery Update: June 2019 Attitude Magazine Scans & Photoshoot

Written by Tiffany on April 24 2019

Taron covers the June 2019 issue of Attitude Magazine! Scans from the issue as well as the photoshoot have been added to the gallery. YBe sure to pick up your issue online!

“Rocketman” Cast Featured in May 2019 Issue of GQ USA

Written by Tiffany on April 23 2019

Taron along with Rocketman costars Richard Madden and Jamie Bell are featured in the May 2019 issue of GQ USA. Scans and pictures from the photoshoot can be found in the gallery below. Pick up your copy in a store near you!

Taron Covers May 2019 Issue of “Esquire Spain”

Written by Tiffany on April 16 2019

Taron gracefully covers the May 2019 issue of Esquire Spain. There are two stunning covers available and you can see those and the digital scans in the gallery below.

Gallery Update: British GQ May 2019 Magazine Scans

Written by Tiffany on April 05 2019

Scans of Taron featured in the May 2019 issue of British GQ have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: March 22nd – Paramount Pictures ‘Rocketman’ Footage at Abbey Road in London, United Kingdom

Written by Tiffany on March 22 2019

On March 22nd, Taron along with David Furnish, Giles Martin and Dexter Fletcher at an event for Paramount Pictures ‘Rocketman’ at Abbey Road in London, United Kingdom.

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