Tiffany / March 26, 2016  Interview / Taron

Matt Edmondson plays a celebrity edition of his fast-thinking celebrity name game, Initial Reaction. Legendary Radio 1 newsreader, Steffan Powell referees this heated match. Watch how much Hugh and Taron get into it!

Tiffany / March 19, 2016  Interview / Public Apperances

Taron & Hugh appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show along with actor Luke Evans and comedian Shazia Mirza. Pictures from there appearance have been added to the gallery. Their episode airs on ITV at 9:40pm!

Tiffany / March 8, 2016  Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Tiffany / March 2, 2016  Interview / Photoshoots & Outtakes

Last week, Taron talked to Josh Horowitz’s podcast “Happy Sad Confused” to talk about Eddie The Eagle, upcoming projects and his personal life. You can listen to it below and Taron comes in around 8:55.

Also, I have updated the photoshoot for “Happy Sad Confused” to a larger quality. Enjoy!

Emily /   Interview

Taron’s interview with The Meredith Vieira Show aired earlier today. You can watch a part of the interview below!

Emily /   Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Emily / March 1, 2016  Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Taron and Hugh Jackman recently did an interview with FXM. You can watch their interview below! If you have trouble watching the interview, you can view it on YouTube here.

Tiffany / February 26, 2016  Interview / Taron


Tiffany / February 25, 2016  Eddie The Eagle / Interview / Taron

Tiffany /   Eddie The Eagle / Interview / Taron