Tiffany / February 19, 2016  Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Tiffany /   Interview / Taron

Taron and Hugh Jackman will be appearing on the Monday, February 22 episode of Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! Other guests include Audra Mcdonald and the musical guest will be Hall & Oates!


Tiffany / February 17, 2016  Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Below, you can watch Taron interview Hugh and vice versa for Max 60 Seconds posted by Cineplex!

Tiffany /   Eddie The Eagle / Interview / Taron

Tiffany /   Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Tiffany / February 16, 2016  Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Eddie the Eagle is a feel-good sports film based on a true story about Britain’s first Olympic ski-jumper. It stars a hot rising actor in Hollywood and an Academy award-nominated actor who can pretty much do it all—we’re talking about Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, and we were super excited when they stopped by for a visit to chat about their film.

After we got down to business, it was time to put Hugh and Taron’s accents to the test. Watch in the clip above as the actors take turns saying lines from Eddie the Eagle in different accents – and as Melissa tries her best to resist joining them.

ABC7’s Janet Davies spoke with actor Hugh Jackman and his co-star Taron Egerton at a special screening of the film in Chicago’s South Loop.

Tiffany /   Eddie The Eagle / Interview

Taron, Hugh Jackman and Dexter Fletcher are currently in Canada doing press for Eddie The Eagle. You can watch Taron and Hugh doing an interview with ET Canada where they discuss clothing tips.

Tiffany /   Eddie The Eagle / Interview


Q: What drew you guys to this film? It is such a powerful film.

Hugh Jackman: I always loved the story. I was 19 I think when Eddie jumped, and in Australia we were captured by this guy. He became a folk hero in Australia. I think this same reason I loved him there is why I love this movie.

It taps into everybody’s desire to find the thing they love, to overcome whatever obstacles they are going to overcome. As a parent now, I watch that movie and I am so thrilled my kids are seeing a movie that finally says you don’t actually have to win to be a winner. You have to give with your heart, you have to give it all you got, and you’ve got to love it. That’s it. It’s okay. That’s enough. You don’t actually have to be LeBron James, you can be the school teacher down the road and be a winner.

Taron Egerton: For me, it was hard to find a reason not to do this movie. It presented a challenge in terms of the acting and I was a huge fan of Dexter [Fletcher], our director. His movies are brilliant. Matthew Vaughn [producer] who I did Kingsman with and of course Hugh, to work with someone who I admire so much was a great opportunity.

Q: Taron, your character obviously is real, but Hugh yours is fictional. What was the hardest thing that both of you had to do to connect to your characters?

Taron Egerton: It always felt very easy stepping into his shoes. In the script he was so likeable on the page that it was someone who I just really wanted to connect with him and bring him to life. It was inspiring reading the script.

Hugh Jackman: I know we are talking about him, because I was talking with my wife and I can’t think of any other actor alive who could go from Kingsman to Eddie and pull both off so effortlessly and unsaid, it was effortless. It was amazing to watch.

Q: Did you have a point where everything just clicked?

Taron Egerton: There were a couple of them. There was a point in London on a train where I was on the underground system in London opposite you. There are windows and because it is a tunnel wall behind it, it is totally pitch black, so you can spend a lot of time checking your hair out and being narcissistic, but I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, because there was a lot of talk about me having prosthetics and I really, really, really didn’t want to do it. I was trying to find a way of doing it without making a mess.

And then we did a big costume test on the server. I had to walk around with skis when we first got to Germany and there was something about that marching around, and then of course it comes when you do the first stuff with Hugh because it is really all in the friendship and dynamic between us.


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