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2018 Apr 07

Gallery Update: 2017 Photoshoots

Hi all, the gallery has been updated with photoshoots that have been missing from the past year. View them in the gallery below!

2016 Sep 30

“The Picture Journal” Festival Diary: Taron Egerton

“The Picture Journal” Festival Diary: Taron Egerton

We spoke to Taron Egerton at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) about Sing, in which he appears alongside Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey & Reese Witherspoon.

Sing features a failing theatre attempting to portray ‘real talent from real life’, what is a moment from real life that you felt made for a stronger performance?
I forgot the words to a song on stage once. Still makes me shiver. Valuable lesson in being prepared!

What do you think is the best (or your favourite) animated or voiced performance of all time?
Toy Story had such a strong impression on me as a child. I was exactly the same age as Andy and it was so magical. I’ve watched all of Pixar’s output since then and it continues to amaze me. If I had to go for a specific performance I think I’d probably say Billy Crystal inMonsters Inc.

I’ve read that on Kingsman you did a lot of your own stunts, how much does that help you get into a role and transversely, how did you find or try to find that same level of immersion in a project like Sing where your physicality isn’t rooted in your character?
When we recorded the dialogue they had some small cameras recording our expressions and gestures. It’s not motion capture but I’m led to believe that the animators use that footage as inspiration when animating our characters. You just try to be as expressive as you can be physically and I think the voice follows!

Does being part of an ensemble cast in a film where people aren’t exactly sure which character you play make the promotion of it more or less challenging?
I’m not sure. Perhaps I should I should have some sort of t-shirt made.

If you, like the characters of Sing had just one defining moment on a stage, what would you perform?
I can’t pick one song. Maybe Heroes? Lean On Me? These Arms of Mine? There are so many!

If you could attend one screening at TIFF this year apart from your own, which screening would you pick?
I saw Tom Ford’s new movie (Nocturnal Animals) and it was incredible. I would have loved to have had the time to catch Jeff Nichols’ Loving.


2016 Sep 15

Gallery Update: “Eddie The Eagle” Portraits

Over 45 additional outtakes from the Eddie The Eagle photoshoot Taron & Hugh Jackman did a few months ago have been added to the gallery. If you repost these photos, please credit Taron-Egerton.Com.

2016 Sep 11

Gallery Update: 2016 Toronto International Film Festival Portraits

8 portraits of Taron from the Variety and Shutterstock Portrait Studio earlier today have been added to the gallery.

2016 Jun 05

New Layout & Photoshoot Update!

As you can see, we have put up a new layout at Taron Egerton Online! I wanted to change the look of the site to look more clean and professional. The photos I used is from the photoshoot Taron and Hugh did for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival (which I have updated to HQ!)

2016 Mar 31

Empire UK May 2016 Scans & Photoshoot

Scans of Taron from the May 2016 of Empire UK have been added to the gallery. Along with the scans, the photoshoot used have been added! If you repost these, please credit Enjoy!

2016 Mar 07

Additional Outtakes from 2013 Session

additional outtakes from a portrait session Taron did back in 2013 have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!