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Tiffany /   Interview / Public Apperances / Sing / Video– Get ready to unleash the inner fangirl on Taron Egerton.

The 27-year-old Welsh actor is one of the stars featured in Illusion Entertainment’s upcoming animated movie Sing, and he provides the voice for a lovable gorilla named Johnny. As soon as the first note comes out of his mouth, you’re left clutching your heart and wanting to know more about the man behind the character. But don’t worry, we’ve got the answers, so here are five things you need to know about your new celeb crush.

1. He Really Can Sing: Yes, that’s actually Taron singing in the movie. In Sing, Johnny has a breakout scene belting out Sam Smith‘s “Stay With Me” – which Taron incidentally lip synced to last year. Much like that video, Taron reserves his singing skills for less high-profile settings like cars and karaoke bars, where his go-to song is George Michael‘s “Faith” (another rendition that will make you love him even more). But one thing he’d like to check off his bucket list is starring in a musical, particularly with his Eddie the Eagle co-star Hugh Jackman. The two collaborated on an ‘80s-inspired song called “Thrill Me” for the movie’s soundtrack, and Taron told Josh Horowitz on his “Happy Sad Confused” podcast that they’ve already talked about doing another project together, and they hope it’s on the stage instead of the big screen.

2. Yes, He’s Single: After the initial question of “Who IS this guy?” the next logical question is obviously “But is he single, though?” This answer is yes! We think. Back in March, he told The Guardian that he’s been single for the past three years, mainly because his acting career has made him a bit of a busy nomad. But for all we know, he could be dating on the low, since he admitted he doesn’t want to have his private life all out in the open like a lot of Hollywood A-listers. “A part of everyone wants to be Leonardo DiCaprio, don’t they?” he said. “But then a big part of me recognizes that I’m a very private person – someone who really likes to go to the pub and get silly with my mates. I don’t want to worry about maintaining an air of decorum that’s not natural to me.”


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Earlier today, Taron attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Sing”. Over 90+ photos from the event have been added to the gallery.

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In Sing, Taron plays Johnny, a gorilla who prefers being a singer over being a gangster. The movie comes out December 21, 2016!

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He scrapes together $1,000 for the winner, but thanks to Buster’s doddering old lizard assistant, fliers go out proclaiming a $100,000 prize, causing a stir in the animal world. And as Buster fights for his theater’s relevance, five characters become the top talent in the competition, “all of whom are ultimately trying to define or redefine or find themselves through music and performance,” adds producer Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of animation studio Illumination Entertainment.

Rosita the pig (Witherspoon) gave up her teenage musical dreams years ago but yearns to be more than just a devoted mom to her 25 piglets. “She rarely has a second to herself, so she finds her moments of freedom intersect with this passion for music,” Witherspoon says. “She embodies and embraces that singer in all of us who just belts it out when no one is looking.”

Ash (Johansson) is a porcupine who heads up an alternative-rock band with her boyfriend, but when she makes it into the competition and he doesn’t, there is some strife. But along the way, she finds enough confidence to be comfortable with herself, Johansson says. “Ash is an artist at heart who discovers her true voice with the support of her friends and fellow artists. In fact, she represents a lot of teenagers going through the same experience of embracing their true selves as they come of age.”

Rounding out the top five are Mike (Seth MacFarlane) a little mouse with a big Sinatra-esque voice and arrogant attitude “who’s looking at any moment to try to take advantage of anyone he comes in contact with,” says Meledandri; Johnny (Taron Egerton), Johnny, a young gorilla who just wants to sing but whose gangster father wants him to follow in the family’s criminal footsteps; and Meena (Tori Kelly), a teenage elephant with an exquisite voice and severe stage fright.

More than 85 songs, from the 1940s to the present, are in the film so far, Meledandri says. “When you start to see these animals sing, it’s absolutely magical and hysterical.”

McConaughey figures Buster is close in character to other live-action roles he’s had that involve “some salesman aspects and wriggling out of a pinch.” And Meledandri liked that Buster brought together McConaughey’s melodic voice with a character who can be manipulative but isn’t a complete scoundrel.

Buster “reminds me of a lot of producers I know where you have to be optimistic to the point of delusion to create,” Meledandri says. “You start with the whole world betting against you so you have to believe it. Sometimes that belief and that optimism can result in selling things that aren’t quite there yet.”

Rosita already holds a special place in Witherspoon’s heart, and the actress admits that she does voice work in movies “just as much for myself as I have for my kids.” A koala bear is helping McConaughey learn that lesson as well.

“I haven’t made many films my kids can watch,” he says, “so I’m excited to make one they’ll enjoy as well as hear their dad in.”