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Taron Egerton, Fire and Discipline || GQ Stories

Written by Tiffany on December 17 2020

gqitalia.it – Taron Egerton, interviewed by Simona Siri, talks about his more disciplined and dedicated side to work and his love for acting, which blossomed a little by chance. “I must have been 15, and I started out more as a social business. At the time I had experimented with creativity in drawing, sculpture, and painting: it was a funny age, a weird period of adolescence, in which I felt a bit lost. I had a couple of friends who acted and I thought it would be fun to join them: from there, from that random start, I fell in love. The more I acted, the more satisfied I felt, the more I liked it, the more I realized it was a great way to express myself. Over time I think the feeling has changed, but at the time it was just a fire, which allowed me to be excessive and release the tension. Then, growing up, the attention turned to the narrative element. I’ve always been a great reader, but I’m not a writer. For me the only way to be part of storytelling is theater, to recite words written by others. 

[Video] Napapijri FW20 Choose Future w/ Taron Egerton

Written by Tiffany on September 24 2020

“Rocket Man” (Official Video)

Written by Tiffany on May 02 2019

“Rocketman” Official Trailer

Written by Tiffany on February 21 2019

“Rocketman” Behind The Scenes Teaser Trailer

Written by Tiffany on February 19 2019

Paramount Pictures released a new behind the scenes teaser trailer featuring new movie scenes and little snippets of Taron singing “Tiny Dancer”. A new poster of Rocketman has also been released!  A new trailer will be dropping tomorrow so keep a lookout for that!

“Robin Hood” Official Movie Clip

Written by Tiffany on October 19 2018

“Robin Hood” Final Trailer

Written by Tiffany on October 04 2018

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