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Interview With Numéro Netherlands – In Conversation with Taron Egerton

Written by Tiffany on June 01 2023

Numeromag.nl – Taron Egerton is an award-winning actor whose versatile and charismatic performances continuously capture audiences around the world. He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his portrayal as the iconic singer Sir Elton John in Dexter Fletcher’s ‘Rocketman’ for Paramount Pictures. For this performance he was also honored with the Actor of The Year Award at the Hollywood Film Awards and took home the Virtuoso Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Taron was most recently seen in the biographical drama ‘Tetris’, which was released on Apple TV+ at the end of March.

Taron, you just starred in the biographical drama ‘Tetris’, which delved into the legal battles that took place during the Cold War over ownership of the game, and focused on the powerful dynamic the game had in the industry while uncovering historical circumstances in world politics. How would you describe this bigraphical film’s portrayal of the ownership battle and the game’s impact on the society?

I don’t think the movie is overtly political. Sure, it’s set during a moment of political interest that happened during the final moments of Soviet Union, but it’s really just a story of two men from two very different places bonding over a shared love of gaming. Tonally, it’s very popcorn and I would describe it as a piece of entertainment rather than anything with a great deal to say about the state of the world then or now. It’s a crazy story and one worthy of depiction simply to prove that the truth is often as engaging as fiction. 

In the film, you portray Henk Rogers, the Dutch-born video game entrepreneur who introduced the world to Tetris. How would you say he dealt with the whole situation and what could he maybe do differently or better?

I think he could have been less naive, but then he probably wouldn’t have done what he did. His flaws are also what makes him appealing. He’s a little naive, maybe even foolish and cavalier, but those are also the reasons you love him. He puts his goal ahead of his own wellbeing and that’s quite a charming quality. I suppose you could also say he slightly neglects his responsibility as a father and that is certainly an area for improvement. 

You’ve played in quite some biographical films. Which one stands out the most among them and why?

‘Rocketman’ will always be a beautiful, insane chapter in my story. Not only did I get to portray someone so iconic, but I think it’s a solid movie and I’m proud of it. It’s not often things come together in the way that project did. I’ll always cherish those memories.

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