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“Kingsman 3” Starts Filming in September 2022

Written by Tiffany on December 13 2021

Comicbook.com – A fourth film in the¬†Kingsman¬†franchise and third which tells the story of¬†Taron Egerton‘s Eggsy is all set to begin filming in September of 2022. While promoting¬†The King’s Man, a prequel to¬†Kingsman: The Secret Service¬†and¬†Kingsman: The Golden Circle¬†which tells the World War I-era origin story of the spy group, the franchise’s producer and director¬†Matthew Vaughn¬†shared the news with ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview. “We’re all set to go,’ Vaughn said. ‘We start filming in September.” He teased that this¬†Kingsman 3¬†will wrap up Eggsy’s story.

ComicBook.com’s full interview with Vaughn will be available on site and on the official ComicBook.com YouTube channel later this week. A¬†Kingsman 3¬†is not exactly the big news here, as a script for the film had previously existed but its future was uncertain following Disney’s acquisition of Fox. “I’m really not allowed to say anything, but there is a script,”¬†Egerton revealed in 2019. “It’s a really neat idea. That plan, at the moment, is that we’d like to do another one, one more time.” Egerton went on to get a bit sentimental about the role, telling fans he’d like to return to the role at least one more time so he could bid farewell to Eggsy in proper fashion.

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