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Gallery Update: “Cock” Promotional Photos

Written by Tiffany on February 14 2022

The first promotional images of Taron and the cast of Cock have been released! The show will be running at the Ambassador Theatre for 12 weeks only starting March 5, 2022. If you are in or near the London area and haven’t gotten tickets, you can purchase them here.

ā€œThe fact is that some of us like women and some like men and thatā€™s fine thatā€™s good in fact thatā€™s good, a good thing, but it seems to me that youā€™ve become confused.ā€

In a world full of endless possibilities why must we still limit ourselves with labels?

Taron Egerton,Ā Jonathan Bailey,Ā Jade AnoukaĀ andĀ Phil DanielsĀ star in Mike Bartlettā€™sĀ razor sharp play which redefines the battle of the sexes.


Jonathan Bailey and Taron Egerton to star in ā€˜Cockā€™ at Ambassadors Theatre

Written by Tiffany on September 24 2021

londontheatre.co.uk – Jonathan BaileyĀ andĀ Taron EgertonĀ will star in a West End revival of Mike Bartlettā€™sĀ CockĀ next year.Ā CockĀ is at theĀ Ambassadors TheatreĀ from 5 MarchĀ – 4Ā JuneĀ 2022, andĀ CockĀ tickets will be on sale exclusively on LondonTheatre.co.uk next week.

CockĀ follows a gay couple whose relationship is called into question when John takes a break from his boyfriend. While on a break, John meets the girl of his dreams, and must decide what path to take sexually.Ā 

The Olivier Award-winning actor Jonathan Bailey will star inĀ Cock. Previously, heā€™s played Jamie inĀ CompanyĀ at the Gielgud Theatre and Tim Price inĀ American PsychoĀ at the Almeida Theatre. Bailey is currently starring asĀ Anthony Bridgerton in the hit Netflix seriesĀ Bridgerton, and is also inĀ W1AĀ andĀ Crashing.Ā 

The Golden-Globe winning actor Taron Egerton joins the cast ofĀ Cock, making a return to the stage after an eight year hiatus. TheĀ RocketmanĀ star portrayed Elton John in the hit biopic, but has also been inĀ The Last of the HaussmansĀ at the National Theatre andĀ No QuarterĀ at the Royal Court.

Jade Anouka joins theĀ CockĀ cast as W, who has starred inĀ The PhlebotomistĀ andĀ Doctor Faustus.Ā Phil DanielsĀ completes the company, last inĀ This HouseĀ at the Garrick Theatre.

Marianne Elliott will directĀ Cock.Ā The creative team includes set designer Merle Hansel, lighting designer Paule Constable, sound designer,Ā Ian Dickson, composer Femi Temowo, movement director Annie-Lunette Deakin-Foster, associate directorĀ Chloe Christian, and voice work by Hazel Holder.

ElliottĀ said aboutĀ Cock: “I feel so excited to be working on this beautifully crafted and hilarious play by Mike Bartlett. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. A truly theatrical piece in that it asks the audience to enter the imagination of the storytelling – as only live theatre can do. Itā€™s also all about the acting so to have such a talented, highly experienced, stellar cast is an absolute dream!”

CockĀ is at theĀ Ambassadors TheatreĀ from 5 MarchĀ – 4Ā JuneĀ 2022.Ā 

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